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Inspiration Freedom

Freedom of Life

I saw this image on Reddit. Its tag was, “look at this in the morning and it will make you happy”. Its a stunningly designed poster, with great but simple meaning. I’m unsure of its origins and who made it, comment if you know. Click the image to see it in full size.  Transcipt of the picture is below.

Inspiration FreedomTranscript:

The world is meaningless.

There is no God or gods, there are no morals, the
universe is not moving inexorably towards any
higher purpose.

All meaning is man-made. So make your own and
make it well.

Do not treat life as a way to pass the time until
you die. Do not try to “find yourself”, you must
make yourself.

Choose what you want to find meaningful and live,
create, hate, cry, destroy, fight, and die for it.

Do not let your life and your values and your
actions slip easy into any mould, other than that
which you create for yourself, and say with
conviction, “This is who I make myself.”

Do not give in to hope. Remember that nothing you
do has any significance beyond that with which
imbue it. Whatever you do, do it for it’s own sake.

When the universe looks on with indifference,
laugh, and shout back, “Fuck You!”. Remember that
to fight meaninglessness is futile, but fight
anyway, in spite of and because of it’s futility.

The world may be empty of meaning, but it is a
blank canvas on which to paint meanings of your

Live deliberately. You are free.