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LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy – How To Deal With Failure

LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy is well known for amazing music over many years now. james-murphy-lcd-soundsystemBeing at the top of the electronic game for many years you would think Murphy would be one of the most organised, successful around and always has been.  Far from it… In this video he talks about how in his twenties he was a complete and utter failure. Not because he failed at trying to achieve something, but because he never even tried.
It is a video that hits home to many people. Similar to thoughts by Tony Robbins about not trying because then you cant fail, so your brain tries to protect you form the failure. This video describes the moments which changed him to the massive success he is today. It will be 9 minutes really well spent, watch it now!

Video: 9 mins.


2 Great Articles – Procrastination and Places Unhappy People Search For Happiness

Stumbled across two fantastic articles about the above. Procrastination and the want to happiness is two of the most important steps to conquer when trying to be successful. Procrastination will always be there for as long as you want something that is hard. While if you aren’t in a good place, then you try to look for happiness in the wrong places. Easier said than done, but you should look for what you have to be happy.

Both articles are easy to read and well worth it. Approx five minutes read each.

10 Places Unhappy People Search for Happiness

How To Beat Procrastination

Procrastination monkey

Tony Robbins – What they dont teach you in School

Tony Robbins is one of the founding fathers of life coaching. The way he talks is very inspirational, and makes complete sense. In this excerpt he is talking to two Internet Entrepreneurs, one who was believed to be the first person to make $1m in ONE DAY online. They talk about how they got the initial drive to get going.

The first minute is worth the watch alone, but I think it will grab you. I have watched a lot of Tony Robbins, and I think this is one of his best videos. I have included the full 45min video below the shortened version for those who want to watch more.

Tony Robbins, Frank Kern and John Reese full video

Set a Challenge and Do it for 30 days

There are many schools of thought about how to learn new skills by making them a habit. 30 days is a great time frame to learn a new skill, change a habit, or better yourself as it starts from nothing and by the end can create a great impact on your life. Using an example of learning Spanish, to say your goal is to hold a conversation is a large daunting task. However, listen to one audio book chapter a day for thirty days is much easier in your mind. Taking the first step is always the hardest. An essential next step is to CROSS IT OFF EVERY DAY. Get a list, write down Day 1,2,3,4,5 etc to 30. And cross it off everyday as soon as you do the activity. Feel like you don’t have the time, do 10 minutes or whatever. Different challenges take different length of time.

Here are some examples to get you going and what they would help:

1. Do a Set number of press ups everyday – Pick a number that you feel comfortable with achieving. This will give you a confidence boost and get the heart pumping. If it starts to get easy increase the number. Need a hand follow the 100 push up challenge (Gets you from 0 to 100).

2. Read More – Read 1 Chapter a day – Reading relaxes you, and you can learn a new skill.

3. Get outside for 10 minutes a day – Walk to the shops, take a break. Recharge your brain before sitting down and working again. More valuable than it sounds. Combine this with reading.

4. Write a to do list – Get your goals out in the open, however trivial or huge and life changing.

Think about what you would like to do. A small change in your life can make huge steps down the line. Think, and enjoy. Get that list wrote!

Two quotes on leading a good life and inspiring others

A short post today, just two simple quotes…

Looking for motivation on life itself and leading a good life..

“..Two main philosophies, know more today about the world than I knew yesterday. And lessen the suffering of others. You’d be surprised how far that gets you.” – Neil deGrasse Tyson

On inspiring people…

“If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea…” – Antoine de Saint Exupery

Start With a Kindling by Evan Williams

Most people have not heard of Evan Williams, but you sure would know the companies he has helped create, been CEO for etc. Twitter and Blogger anyone?  On his blog, which is hosted by Blogger and has a link to his Twitter account (great self promotion), he wrote a short piece about getting things started. It is a beautifully written short post. It all starts with good kindling…

Original Post here

Starting a company is like starting a fire—harder than it sounds, and you have to do things in the right order.


To start a good fire, you need kindling. Something that will catch easily.
You can fail if you have great logs to burn but no kindling to get them started. On the flip side, if you only have newspaper and dry twigs, you’ll be off to a quick start, but your fire won’t last long.
There aren’t many fuels that start easily and burn hot and long. So starting with kindling and then transferring the heat to something bigger is key.

Also, lighter fluid helps—but only for a short while and only if applied at the right time. Be careful.



Will Smith – Secrets to Success

Est. Reading time 1 min, Video: 9 min

I think it is a fair assumption to say most people like Will Smith. He comes across as I nice guy, and his films are entertaining for the most part. I was put forward towards this video of him which shows a side I have not seen before.

Obviously he is hugely successful, but it appears he does not rest on his success. He became successful through lots of hard work, and in this superbly made video, he comes across as a great motivational speaker.

Some themes he covers are:
Nothing is unrealistic, Talent vs Skill, and work ethic.

Hopefully you will enjoy this video of Will Smith’s secrets to success:

In another video he talks about the book Rich Dad Poor Dad. It’s a great book and worth a mention about how to get into the mindset of the rich vs the poor.

Rich Dad Poor Dad – Amazon.com (USA)
Rich Dad, Poor Dad – Amazon.co.uk (UK)