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The Young Ones BBC – Inspirational TV in the UK Shock Horror!

Over the past week there has been a superb program on some old British stars, who now in their 70s and 80s are finding life very boring, hard and unfulfilling. As part of an experiment they were put in a house together which was decorated in 1970s gear, and everything they were allowed to see, e.g. Newspapers, and TV were from 1975. The scientists then put together subtle tasks to make them feel like they were in the 70s again, a period of time they all felt was the best time fo their lives. They did cognitive and physiological tests before and after the one week to see how much they improved.

Even without the tests, you could tell how much better everyone was. Smiling, being active etc. One 88 year old who had had several strokes walked without crutches, when she entered the house in a wheelchair. All this just from one week of positive experiences. It helped them gain confidence, and remind them of what value they had and still can have in society. It was nothing to do with being in 1975, that was just a trigger for change.

I believe it doe not matter what your age is, sometimes whether you are 60 or 30 you can feel old, and that your best times have passed you, yet its all about state of mind and getting up and doing. Whether that’s going out for a meal with friends, or taking a walk in fresh air. The less your do, the more tired you are. I’m sure any gym goers who have had a time where they don’t go for a week feel that. If you keep the mind active, it will look after your body for you.

For these pensioners who used to be in demand TV and Media stars, it changed their state of minds, and their lives around in just one week even at their age. Its all about living life to the fullest you can.

If you are in the UK you can watch this on BBC iPlayer http://www.bbc.co.uk/i/tv913/